Hold the US military accountable for greenhouse gas emmissions

Please ask your Representative to co-sponsor House Resolution 767—Recognizing the Duty of the Department of Defense to Annually Report All Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Progress on Reduction Targets

On November 3, Rep. Barbara Lee (D-CA), as the lead sponsor, introduced House Resolution H R 767—Recognizing the Duty of the Department of Defense to Annually Report All Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Progress on Reduction Target. This resolution declares that it is the duty of the Department of Defense (DoD) to monitor, track, and report greenhouse gas emissions from all its operations with the aim of reducing such emissions.  

Quickly, 26 House Congress Members stepped up to be co-sponsors of H R 767.

Just as quickly, the Alliance for Democracy joined with 120 organizations endorsing H R 767.

Now we need to increase the number of House co-sponsors to influence the House Armed Services Committee to which this Resolution has been referred and to increase public education on how militarism fuels the climate crisis. 

So, first, check here to see whether your Representative is already a co-sponsor. 

Then, please take these action steps with this link provided by the Veterans for Peace Climate Crisis and Militarism Project who worked with Rep. Lee on H R 767. 

If your Representative is already a co-sponsor, send this thank you letter, or 

Send this letter to invite your Representative to sign on as a co-sponsor of H R 767. The more House of Representatives co-signers, the more we build support for this Resolution when it is introduced in the Senate.  

You may also read more here about the importance of this Resolution. The Department of Defense (DOD) is estimated to emit more CO2 than over 120 separate countries. Currently, the U.S. military does not publicly and regularly report its overall fuel consumption or greenhouse gas emissions—despite requirements laid out in the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for Fiscal Year 2021.

H R 767 calls for the DoD to reduce the overall environmental impact of all military activities and missions in accordance with the science-based emission targets set out in the NDAA for Fiscal Year 2022. 

Please join with us and support the Alliance for Democracy so we may increase our public outreach and education. Our next issue of Justice Rising will focus on climate justice, war and peace and US militarism.

Thank you for taking action,
Nancy Price and David Delk, Co-chairs 


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