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Raise up voices for peace from Congress to the streets
Join the call for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza

israeli bombardment of gaza from US Peace CouncilThe death toll in Gaza is rising hour by hour, day by day. The loss of life, the damage done by retaliatory Israeli bombardment to necessary infrastructure, and the displacement of more than 1.4 million civilians, has brought millions of people world wide out in protest, including here in the US. And protests continue.  Read this statement from the US Peace Council and if you are able to get to Washington DC, plan to join this mobilization on Saturday, November 4 at 2 p.m. on Freedom Plaza.

Corporate rule ensures that war is a racket—a very profitable one for the right people—and the latest wars in Gaza and Ukraine are no exception, with weapons-makers' stock prices rising as the US sends arms overseas and Congress votes to spend hundreds of millions of dollars for additional military aid, over the hundreds of billions of dollars already appropriated. 

Peace vigil with people holding signsIn Gaza civilians are paying an unbearable price for the war industry’s profits. In the US, a bloated “defense” budget means poor healthcare, inadequate housing, underfunded education, food insecurity, and decaying infrastructure.

Please join the November 4 mobilization if you can, or a peace action in your area. Please also contact the White House and your Representative and Senators in support of a ceasefire in both Gaza and Ukraine. Find the phone numbers for your Senators here and your Representative here. Don't hesitate to call both the Washington, D.C. and local offices. It is up to all of us to march, call, and organize for peace now, and the ultimate goal of replacing our military/industrial economy with one grounded in diplomacy and solidarity. 

In alliance,

Nancy Price and David Delk, co-chairs


Photos: US Peace Council website (top right), Alliance for Democracy Portland (bottom left)


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